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Telecom‚ Data‚ Cloud‚ AWS & Wireless Audits

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We have over 70 combined years in the telecom industry‚ which gives us the expertise and knowledge to identify areas of savings and obtain credits. We work with companies of all sizes; single locations to nationwide corporations with multiple locations spending $500–$2‚000‚000+ a month on telecom. On average we save 25-75% of a company’s annual telecom spend for local‚ long distance‚ data, cloud and wireless charges.

Telecom‚ Data‚ Cloud & Wireless

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Today’s IT and telecom manager is asked to do more with less! Perform more tasks‚ do more work‚ support more systems‚ cut costs wherever possible and do it all with a lower headcount. Often, organizations look to a partner who will augment their staff with the necessary resources to assist them in managing their telecomunication‚ cloud and data infrastructure.

Cloud/Hosted PBX Solutions

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From multi-level‚ automated prompts to seamlessly integrating remote employees/locations‚ Cloud/Hosted PBX gives companies more functionality‚ without the costs and headaches of managing and maintaining a traditional “in-house/premised based” telephone system. TelNet Choices can manage the entire process moving your phone system to a Cloud/Hosted PBX solution.

Cloud Expertise

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TelNet helps strategize‚ source and implement custom Cloud solutions for organizations. From our portfolio of 40+ approved Cloud suppliers‚ we’ll help you determine the right public‚ private or hybrid Cloud solution for your needs.

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We pride ourselves on delivery results time after time — Results that pay for themselves many times over and help your company manage the complexities of the telecom market.

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