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Telecom,Data,Cloud,AWS & Wireless Audits

TelNet will show you how much $$$ you're losing to your carriers

It's more than you think!

We analyze your telecom,data,cloud,AWS and wireless infrastructure, service, contracts and invoices, thus reducing overcharges, acquiring refunds and reducing telecom expenses to save your company time and money.


  • 100% of bills we’ve reviewed have contained billing errors‚ resulting in thousands of lost dollars EVERY MONTH to overages
  • If you don’t save money‚ there is no cost!
  • You will receive a complete detailed telecom and wireless inventory for FREE!
  • Our Success Rate is 100%.

Telecom & Wireless Audits

Telecommunication and wireless invoices can be very difficult to read. Attempting to ascertain their accuracy on an ongoing basis can also be very time consuming. TelNet Choices Inc. offers a contingency-based auditing service whereby an in-depth analysis is performed.

We have over 70 combined years in the telecom industry, which gives us the expertise and knowledge to identify areas of savings and obtain credits. We work with companies of all sizes; single locations to nationwide corporations with multiple locations spending $500–$2,000,000+ a month on telecom. On average we save 25-75% of a company’s annual telecom cost for local‚ long distance‚ data,cloud and wireless charges.

What is needed to start?

We just need a copy of one month's telecom,data and/or wireless bill and minimal time from your staff to get a few details.

Detailed Inventory With Every Audit

The best part about our service besides saving money is we build a complete detailed inventory and compile all of your contracts, free of charge. This can be uploaded to TelNet's contract/inventory tool in which your company will have unlimited access to, or your company's inventory and contracts can be uploaded to an excel spreadsheet. There is no charge for this and companies find this to be extremely valuable.