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TelNet Choices is in a unique, enviable position as a company. We have a 100% success rate, the cost of doing business with us is effectively zero (always a net decrease in operating costs) and we make the individuals & teams we collaborate with look like rockstars within their organization.

Case Studies:

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What Others Are Saying

"They were able to recover over $100‚000 in overbilling on the frame relay and over $50‚000 on the voice.”
— Nationwide Shipping and Logistics Company
“Tel-Net’s extensive background in the telecom industry allows them to decipher all of the competing offers and benchmark them against our business needs. This allows our company to get a meaningful comparison of what all the vendors are offering. Tel-Net is vendor agnostic and regularly reviews our billing and contracts to make sure our interests are best served. Their expertise at doing billing and contract review allows me to focus more on enabling my business to grow instead of trying to become an expert in Telco contracts.”
— A Fortune 1000 Multinational Software Company
“They found errors totaling over $768‚000 for which we received credits back from our providers. Additionally‚ we saved over $136‚000 per month as a result of their efforts."
— Large Candy Company

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