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Wireless Inventory & Billing Software

Improved information access. Enhanced operational workflow.

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TelNet Choices, Inc. is committed to helping its customers improve their bottom lines through progressive management of telecommunications assets and expenses. Wireless management software greatly improves information access, enhances operational workflow and provides tools to aggressively manage wireless assets, usage of those assets and related costs.

More Effectively Manage:

  • Assets in real time
  • Wireless expenses
  • Carrier contracts
  • Ordering, tracking & fulfillment process

Significantly Reduce:

  • Data entry hours
  • Risk for human error
  • Overall wireless costs
  • Demand for help desk resources
  • Need for manual invoice reconciliation

Better Control:

  • Vendor payment processing
  • Invoice visibility and auditing
  • Day-to-day business operations
  • Employee usage behaviors

Ordering & Fulfillment

With an intuitive user interface and rules-based display of available services, the software's interface offers a simplified and controlled process for ordering and managing wireless assets. This precise control ensures that businesses take full advantage of contract compliance such as procurement cost savings and reduced inventories.

Asset Management

The software provides a centralized, dynamic database of wireless assets throughout an enterprise. Customers can view asset information by employee, location, vendor or asset type. Instant information access enables proactive expense management and informed decision making.

Invoice & Expense Management

From charge validation to payment processing, the software offers customers a single tool to manage all aspects of the invoicing life cycle. Industry-first functionality analyzes invoices and provides a description of user-specific costs in seconds. Other powerful tools eliminate cumbersome, time-consuming searches typically found in other TEM systems.


Robust reporting tools generate a broad array of configurable data ranging from company-wide views of assets to vendor-specific services. Extensive drill-down capabilities, advanced filtering tools and automated alerts deliver greater opportunities for costs savings and improved operational efficiencies.

Invoice Adviser

This is a service unique to ManageTel software where you can actually (in detail) send each individual employee their own wireless monthly charges and call detail for their review. Once the employee truly realizes that corporate is monitoring their charges, the ancillary charges (voice minutes, text messaging, ringer downloads, etc…) reduce drastically resulting in a lower monthly cost to your company and an increase in productivity.

Wireless Helpdesk

The software allows you to internally set up your own wireless helpdesk for all device escalations regarding repairs, new orders, upgrades, replacements and frequently asked questions.

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