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Cloud/Hosted PBX Solutions

Unify Your Communications

From multi-level, automated prompts to seamlessly integrating remote employees/locations, Cloud/Hosted PBX gives you more functionality, without the costs and headaches of managing and maintaining a traditional "in-house" telephone system. TelNet Choices can manage the entire end-to-end program, or can simply be your liasion - helping you through the process of choosing the right provider, at the feature-level and pricepoint that's right for your organization.

Premise Based vs. Hosted Solutions

It’s simple to set up and get started

This solution requires no complicated hardware or telephone lines to be installed‚ instead this solution is hosted offsite and fully managed. We setup the entire solution for you; all you have to do is answer the phone.

Low and even no up-front capital requirements

With no need for expensive on premise based hardware’, systems require less up-front capital dollars when compared to a traditional phone system.

Customer Satisfaction

Allows a company to deliver exceptional customer service. Cloud-Hosted PBX allows companies to have local phone numbers all over the world that can ring a call center in another state or country which allows 24x7 updates.

Unlimited Scalability

If a business grows‚ Hosted PBX allows phone lines to be added or removed quickly while only being charged for the lines in use.

Unite all your workers‚ regardless of their physical location

All employees can access the full features of your phone system whether in satellite offices or home offices‚ anywhere‚ any time.

Ensure Business Continuity

Cloud Hosted PBX guarantees up-time and reliability. Businesses do not have to worry about going offline.

Call Logging

This allows business to keep track of any employee’s call volume‚ call duration and location.

  • Security and Reliability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Reduce Telecommunication Costs
  • No more maintenance agreements
  • Lower hardware/service costs - No costly software upgrades
  • Get the best calling features without purchasing equipment
  • Your office becomes completely virtual
  • Mobile Integration
  • Number Retention

We pay for ourselves many times over. Put us to work for your business.

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