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Referral Endorsements

A financially rewarding opportunity for companies, associations or individuals that endorse Tel-Net Choices Inc.

World-class Service. We do the work

Looking to add another offering to your business portfolio? Have relationships with businesses? Just refer us in and we sell it!

Product Offerings

Program Support

We work closely with you to develop a marketing plan if desired.

We provide help in developing articles, newsletters, customer mailings and other endorsement communications to generate client interest.

We provide ongoing training on ways of generating interest from your potential clients.

Client Support

Following your announcement or introduction, we will contact the lead and keep you updated during the process. Once the lead/referral is turned into a successful sale you will be notified.

We manage the entire sales, implementation and support processes throughout the life of the customer. The payments to the referral endorser will be residual and/or one-time payments.

This program is a win/win for all!

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